Frequently Asked Questions


Is stand up paddleboarding (SUP) hard?

Stand Up Paddleboarding is very accessible, given the correct instruction and equipment anyone can safely take to the water.

Our lessons start of kneeling down and for some people that is enough for the first time. They can complete the tour of the islands, enjoy the view and be immersed in the environment without standing.

Once you are standing and paddling then it is the beginning of a fantastic progression that you can take at your own pace whether that is purely in flat water or moving onto touring, race, downwind or surf.

What is my ability level?

Ability levels, please get in touch if you’re not sure!

Level 1

  • First time
  • Never been on a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP)
  • Have been on a  SUP but falling in a lot

Level 2

  • Been on a SUP
  • Can stand up
  • Haven’t had any coaching
  • Only played around in small lochs or close to shore

Level 3

  • Been out on a SUP multiple times
  • Have paddled in larger lochs or open ocean
  • Can fall in and self rescue
  • Can identify changing conditions
  • Can consistently paddle into wind (12mph+)

Level 4

  • Have ability to paddle over a number of hours and upto 15km
  • Can paddle in variable conditions including small swell (no breaking waves)
  • Can deal with the effect of sudden strong gusts

Level 5

  • Can complete multiple days of paddling
  • Can plan journeys taking in to effect weather and sea states
  • Can deal with larger open water swell

Do I need to be able to swim?

You do not need to be able to swim but you do need to be confident in the water, this includes falling in. All guests receive a personal floatation device and wetsuit, plus you are attached to the board with a leash the whole time.

If you are not confident in the water we can take you out but only as a private session.

What happens if it is raining?

Glencoe can be a very wet place at times, but we are lucky that even in the rain it is beautiful. We have a range of wetsuits to suit the weather, once you are out on the water it doesn’t matter anyway. Customers have consistently have a great time even in the pouring rain.

We may cancel due to wind and occasionally due to thunder. In these circumstances we provide full refunds or alternative dates.

Do you do group discounts?

Yes we offer 10% off bookings for groups of 7 plus. Get in touch and we’ll sort your group out.

Can my 8 - 11 year old join a group lesson?

Unfortunately our group lesson age is 12+. We find younger children have a better time in private sessions. We can take ages 8 – 11 in a private session with parents. Get in touch to book.

Do you do 1 hour sessions?

We don’t currently offer 1 hour lessons or rentals unfortunately. We find by the time are prepare wetsuits plus tidy up everything afterwards it is not worth it. Plus the beautiful backdrop needs to be taken in slowly!

What happens if I need to cancel?

We don’t offer refunds for cancellations but we will try to offer alternative dates. If you are unwell due to covid we will refund you if no other dates work.

Can I take my dog on a board?

We love dogs and they can be great paddle partners but unfortunately we do not allow dogs on our inflatable boards. We have found the boards have previously got damaged by dogs trying to climb back on.

However we can allow dogs on the rental kayaks which are solid plastic. It will be down to the hirer to decide if this is suitable for them.

If you can’t find your answer give us an email at or call 01855 604 044