How difficult is e foiling?

E Foiling is incredibly accessible. For our first timer lessons and tours we use their Lift 3 Explorer board paired with the Seapig foil. This makes for an unforgettable experience even if you are simply riding laying down and taking in the sights of Glencoe.

Once you are standing it is possible to begin foiling at slow speeds so you can feel the sensation of flying without progressing too fast.

Starting to turn can come quickly, it is achievable by the end of the first lesson, sometimes within the first half hour if you have a little previous experience (skiing, surfing, sup, skate, mtb, etc).

Do I need to be able to swim?

We require basic swim ability and water confidence for group lessons. You will be equipped with a wetsuit and buoyancy aid and you won’t be expected to swim far but need to be happy falling in and retrieving the board.

What is my ability level?

Ability levels below, get in touch if you need help!

Level 1

  • Never been on an efoil
  • Or have been on an efoil but not foiling

Level 2 –

  • Completed first session
  • Can stand up
  • Can complete short flights on foil
  • Sometimes falls whilst on foil
  • Beginning basic turns

Level 3

  • Can ride on the foil in a straight line fairly consistently
  • Can complete basic turns
  • Can ride for over distance without falling in

Level 4

  • Can foil and carve turns consistently over a long distance
  • Can control height of flight through weight shift and power
  • Can vary the size of carved turns
  • Can use full range of speed during ride

Level 5

  • Can link turns varying speed, size and ride height through out
  • Can identify and react to changing conditions such as wind, tide and swell whilst maintaining flight

Why is it so expensive?

E Foiling is expensive which ever way you look at it. We use Lift boards who are the original creators of the equipment and produce the most high end boards currently. The boards themselves are carbon fibre, paired with carbon mast and latest battery technology. Combining this with small group numbers 1:2 ratio max and dedicated staff (plus one of the best backdrops in the word) we feel it offers great value for the experience.

I loved the session. How do I buy my own board?

We are a Lift affiliate so can help you with the important decision of selecting what board to get. This process will involve getting out and testing our different setups from the 5’9 Explorer all the way down to the 4’2 Pro with folding propeller (if you are that way inclined).

Get in touch and we’ll help you every step of the way.



I can't afford an efoil. What am I going to do?

Efoils are a great tool to open up the world of wing, sup and surf foiling in the ocean, on lochs, and downwind. We want to help the community progress quickly onto these human and wind powered forms of the sport without getting frustrated by the learning curve.

We have partnered with Lift Foils for this exact reason. Their infrastructure is interchangeable from the efoils to non powered foils. They produce a range of boards to suit conditions and abilities. We can help select and choose the correct equipment for you. Get in touch!

(In future we hope to offer lessons and session support for wing and sup foil locally)

What happens if it is raining or cold?

Glencoe can be a very wet place at times, but we are lucky that even in the rain it is beautiful. We have a range of wetsuits to suit the weather, once you are out on the water it doesn’t matter anyway. Customers have consistently have a great time even in the pouring rain.

We may cancel due to wind and occasionally due to thunder. In these circumstances we provide full refunds or alternative dates.

What happens if I need to cancel?

We don’t offer refunds for cancellations but we will try to offer alternative dates. If you are unwell due to covid we will refund you if no other dates work.

If you can’t find your answer give us an email at info@ruggedcoast.scot or call 01855 604 044