E Foil Glencoe

Coast effortlessly across lochs and oceans, what looks like the impossible is in fact accessible to all. E Foiling is one of the easiest watersports to get going at and once you have felt the first glide the progression is addictive.

What is E Foiling? Though relatively new efoiling builds on over 100 years of hydrofoil technology. Now with advances in batteries we can fit enough power into a small board to allow you to fly effortlessly above the water.

No experience is needed, just a desire to try something new and experience the magic of Glencoe from the water. We start you off laying down on the boards, even this is an absolute joy, next you’ll be kneeling, then standing going slowly. The control of the board is smooth and when you are ready we’ll take flight on the foil. A feeling like nothing else!